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The programs listed on our site are available from us for sale and rental in Canada only.

Last updated Thursday, March 20, 1997


Canadian Learning Company®

95 Vansittart Avenue,
Woodstock, Ontario
Canada N4S 6E3

Telephone: (800) 267-2977 (519) 537-2360
Fax: (519) 537-1035

Canadian Learning Company can be reached at:


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If you wish to receive our Newsletters which highlight special products and promotions send us e-mail with "mailing list" in the subject field.

These documents are sent via Canada Post so you must include your complete postal address, including postal code.

In order to make sure we are sending only the information you are interested in, please include your area of interest and the age range you purchase programming for. Some examples are: science, K - 6; social studies, el/hi; business & industry; nursing, professional development; nursing, univ/college; etc. Please be as specific as you can.

Canadian Learning Company can be reached at:


Fax-Back Service

An indexed listing of media resources will be faxed to you at your request. Call 1 800 267-2977, after the automated attendant answers press 290; follow the instructions and request document number 800, this instructs our fax-back service to send you a complete list of available documents (5 pages). From this list you may select the subject categories that are of most interest to you.

Or you may use our FTP (file transfer) site now.. In order to view the documents housed here you will need to have the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Find out more about how to use this software and why we chose to use it by following the link to our FTP site. It is available free from Adobe at their site
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